Visit to Chennai March 2011

Two of our committee members have just been to Chennai in order to catch up with the progress of the children.

Over the last year, our work has undergone significant changes and we have extended our support.

Although we are no longer working with the original local organisation, we are happy to report that the tuition centre that we set up in 2005 is still functioning and the local organisation is supporting a teacher for the centre. These children will also be able to access the resources that are being provided. We will continue to keep in touch with these children.

Some recent achievements of the children in our original tuition centre

It was a pleasure to see that the tuition centre was well-maintained and in full swing. During the visit, the children were approaching end-of-year exams. The endeavour with which some of the older children were keen to achieve was exciting. They were seeking out extra tuition from volunteers and, as the volunteers were unable to come to them, they were travelling across town to achieve this.

A committed volunteer had recently recommended one of the older dedicated boys for a scholarship. He has been awarded funding up to and including his higher education on the condition that he continues to achieve consistently high results.