Flood relief Chennai BSAC
22 Dec 2015

ChennaiSmiles responded to a plea from Bro Siga Animation Centre (BSAC) for flood relief. We supplied toiletries to over 1000 flood victims from 20 slums in Chennai.

7 Oct 2015

ChennaiSmiles committee members Ing-Marie, Staffan, Clare and Alice, visited Chennai.  The purpose of the visit was three-fold.  They met with Shanmugam and his team at BSAC and also visited...

26 Sep 2015

ChennaiSmiles has this year sponsored BSAC in their rural education programme, financially supporting tutor, co-ordinator and administration costs for a year.  Through BSAC, ChennaiSmiles is also...

9 Jun 2014

Through BSAC, we have been able to supply 16,000 children living in 240 villages in Tamil Nadu with stationery.

18 Oct 2013

Clare and Alice have recently returned from Chennai.  During their visit they purchased study materials for children studying in tuition centres in slum areas in Chennai, including android tablets...